Registration for the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists begins today

Registration for the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists will be open after Tuesday, 20 March 2018. The Congress will take place from June 18 to 20 this year at the National Library of Latvia.

The Congress is one of the most ambitious events of the Ministry of Education and Science organised in line with Latvia’s centenary celebrations. It will bring together scholars of Latvian origin from all over the world, as well as their strategic partners and supporters. Together they will look back at our science accomplishments, and they will also define future tasks for the Latvian science community, aiming to develop Latvia and its society.

“Science must be one of the main drivers of Latvian society. In order to achieve this, Latvian scientists must focus on finding solutions for challenges faced by our people and the business community.

“During the congress we also want to discuss with our existing and potential partners the factors that prevent scientists from being entrusted with more research in areas of importance to the public and private sectors,” emphasizes Dr. Agrita Kiopa, head of the Congress’ organisation team, director of the Higher Education, Science and Innovation Department, Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Science,.

Public security and safety will be the overall theme for the first Congress day – in a number of sessions participants will discuss security and information space, technological and cybersecurity, security and the economy, as well as security and people as individuals. The introductory report of the Congress will be presented by Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, former President of the Republic of Latvia. The content creator for the day is Dr. Gatis Krūmiņš, historian and rector at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

The second day will highlight the trends of global science development and opportunities for Latvia within the framework. Scientists will work in six sections– Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medicine and Health Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Social Sciences and Humanities. The sections will be led by well-known Latvian researchers, including Dr. Tālis Juhna, engineering scientist and vice-rector at Riga Technical University, Dr. Aivars Lejnieks, endocrinologist, and foreign researchers from Latvia – Dr. Māris Jansons, mechanical engineer, Dr. Julia Melkers, researcher of public administration, organisational theory and science and technology policy and Dr. Uģis Gruntmanis, endocrinologist.

On the third day, participants will look towards the future and in the final forum “The Formula of Latvia 2050” will discuss the scenarios for Latvia’s development and offer solutions. At the end, the Congressional Resolution will be agreed.

The Congress is organised by the Ministry of Education and Science in co-operation with the Association of Latvian Universities, scientific institutions and diaspora organizations. Alongside it, the 2nd  Congress of Latvian Historians and the 3rd  World Congress of Latvian Lawyers will also be taking place.

You can register for a congress here.

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