Scientists will seek for solutions to the issues of importance for the development of the state and society at the IV World Congress of Latvian Scientists

Already in the following week between June 18th–20th more than 750 participants from 24 countries will come together at the National Library of Latvia for the 4th World Congress of Latvian Scientists to discuss the issues of importance for the development of the state and society.

“The IV World Congress of Latvian Scientists is being organized to bring together scientists from Latvia and of Latvian origin, their strategic partners and friends from all over the world. Science has a prominent place in Latvia’s centenary, because “To know it is in nature of Latvia!”, and we are rich with what we know. Moreover, Latvian scientists have a vision for the development of Latvia’s economic and social processes in order to ensure the road to a European knowledge society focused on economic growth and sustainable development”, emphasizes Professor Kārlis Šadurskis, Latvian Minister of Education and Science.

The range of the topics covered in the Congress is wide ranging, from the role of science in the 21st century society (the paper of Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga will introduce this topic) and a modern view on the issues of public security, to the actualities of individual disciplines of science and to the modelling of Latvia’s future “Latvia’s Formula 2050”. Within the framework of the Congress, the II Congress of Latvian Historians and the II World Congress of Latvian Lawyers will take place.

The main theme of the first day of the Congress is public security, issues related to these aspects are divided into four thematic groups: an information space, the national economy, technologies and human security.

The main theme of the second day will highlight the global development trends in science and the opportunities of Latvia. The participants will discuss the key issues for Latvia and its development in several national scientific disciplines in six parallel sections – Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical and Health Sciences, Agriculture and Forest Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

On the third day, the participants will attempt to look into the future, and in the closure forum “Latvia’s Formula 2050”, will discuss the digital transformation of Latvia, business in the future economy, where the sharing economy will dominate, educational challenges, and whether robots will deprive us of work in the future.

At the end of the Congress, will be published the proposals of the participants about the role of science and its contribution to the society so that Latvia could exist, develop and be truly independent and secure country. Secure in all aspects – the society as a whole, so that every individual could live a wholesome life, developing themselves and making a positive contribution to the society.

The distinguished opinion leaders from Latvia and abroad who are drawn from academia and business environment, as well as government will participate in the Congress.

Several parallel events, which will be open to anyone interested, will take place during the Congress, for example, on June 19th, the young scientists from Latvia will introduce the public with research and research results at the “ResearchSlam”. Between June 18th–20th anyone will have an opportunity to listen to science stories in the informal atmosphere and to engage with the scientists of Latvian Science Calendar 2018 and the laureates of scientific nomination for the award “Laiks Ziedonim”.

The program of the Congress and related events can be found on the Congress website:

The events of the first and third day will be streamed live on the LMT stream: here. You can also follow the social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook – @zinātkongress and engage into discussions using hashtags #ZinātKongress and #ZinātneLatvijai.

The event is organized by Latvian Ministry of Education and Science in co-operation with the Association of Latvian Universities, scientific institutions and diaspora organizations.

Latvian Ministry of Education and Science

Communication Department

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