Dr. Jānis Ločs

RTU Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Biomaterials Innovations and Development Centre (RBIDC) has collaborated for more than 20 years with RSU Department of Maxillofacial Surgery (DMS). RBIDC and DMS have conducted both experimental and clinical trials for novel synthetic biomaterials. RBIDC has developed several kinds of biomaterials for different applications, including composite biodegradable materials with drug delivery capabilities.

Clinical trials for use in maxillofacial surgery were conducted with calcium phosphate ceramic materials developed in RBIDC. More specifically, these bone substitute regenerating materials were used in bone augumentation before implantation of dental implants, as well as in orthognathic surgery, if the maxilla or mandible are shifted.

In collaboration with Riga Second Clinical Hospital research projects are conducted on strengthening bone osteoporotic fractures.

Within the framework of National Research Programme project, novel multifunctional materials and methods are developed to increase bone volume and mechanical strength of bones, to steer bone remodelling processes away from atrophy towards regeneration, and to treat osteoporotic bones and to prevent osteoporosis. These materials and methods are based on previously investigated and clinically available biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramic materials that are now modified by introducing strontium ions into the structure for sydtemic treatment of osteoporosis.

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