Dr. Laimute Balode

1985 Dr. Philol. (University of Latvia)
1972–1977 BA, MA (University of Vilnius, Lithuania)

Academic title:
Assoc. Professor of the University of Helsinki (2006)
Assoc. Professor of the University of Latvia (2001).

Professional experience:
2001–2018 director of the Centre of Lithuanistics (University of Latvia)
1996– till now guest lecturer of Baltic languages and cultures (University of Helsinki)
1992– till now leading scientific researcher at Latvian Language Institute (Riga)
1991–1996 Docent of the Baltic languages (University of Latvia and Latvian Academy of Culture)
1977–1991 assistant, scientific researcher, senior scientific researcher at Latvian Language Institute (Latvian Academy of Sciences)
Length of scientific service – 41 year, academic service – 39 years.
Scientific interests: Latvian and Lithuanian onomastics (anthroponymy and toponymy), Latvian hydronymy, Lexical parallels in Baltic languages.
II. Publications: ~ 250 publications: 150 scientific publications (coauthor of 1 monograph, and several dictionaries), 100 popular scientific publications.
III. Participation in numerous local and international projects.
IV. Member of editorial Board of several international linguistic magazines.
Member of the International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS).
Member of the Board of Finland-Lithuania Culture Foundation.
Member of the Commission of Experts of the State Language of Latvia (since 2000).

  • laimute.balode@lu.lv
  • laimute.balode@helsinki.fi

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