Dr. Agnis Stibe

Transforming Sociotech Design: Helping People to Succeed with Changes

Professor Agnis Stibe transforms lives. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Media Lab), he established research on Persuasive Cities that encourage healthy and sustainable routines. He believes that our world can become a better place thought purposefully designed urban spaces that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature. His work on Transforming Sociotech Design (TSD) leverage socio-psychological theories to design sustainable transformations of our societies towards wellbeing and prosperity. Currently, his activities are advanced from the ESLSCA Business School in Paris.

His performance, just like his recent TEDx talk on Transcending Instincts, blends science and practice to help everyone gaining rich understanding on how transformation works, what are its essential components, how to design and apply influential strategies, what novel technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and advanced sensing) are effectively facilitating change process, and what to do first thing each morning. Most of us already want changes for better. What we oftentimes miss is to know how to make such technology-enhanced transformations succeed. More: transforms.me