Dr. Andrejs Veisbergs

Andrejs VEISBERGS (b. 1960), Dr. Habil. Philol. is a Professor of University of Latvia. His research publications since 1985 amount to more than 370, mainly on Idioms, Borrowing, Latvian, Language Contacts, Contrastive Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting and Lexicography. He is the author of the biggest Latvian-English Dictionary (Third edition 2016) as well as the author on several monographs on Latvian Idioms, Conference Interpreting (Third edition 2016), Idiom Borrowing (2012). Since 2004 he is also the Chairman of the Presidential Latvian Language Commission as well as occupies many other positions within Latvian language and academic community and on many editorial boards.

Full Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, member of EURALEX, consultant of Oxford English Dictionaries. He often lectures abroad among latest one could mention EU Translation and Interpreting DGs (2008, 2011, 2014), Tartu University (2013), Porto University (2013), Vilnius University (2014, 2015). Apart from academic activities he is also the EU accredited interpreter working for various EU institutions and agencies as well as for many one-off occasions, like President Clinton, Bush, Dalailama, Ban Ki-moon, Latvian presidents and other notables.

  • andrejs.veisbergs@lu.lv
  • +371 67034925
  • LU Humanitāro zinātņu fakultāte, Visvalža iela 4A, Rīga, LV-1050

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