Anna Vladimirova-Krjukova

A certified personal data protection officer with an extensive experience in the area of personal data protection, privacy and cybersecurity. Anna is an associate at law firm COBALT and works with a wide range of different companies. She assists clients in ensuring compliance with the requirements of the personal data protection laws including one of the latest and most challenging acts – General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

Moreover, Anna is a member of ISACA Latvia, Latvian Open Technology Association (LATA) as well as “Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā” – the association devoted to Latvian residents with a foreign experience.

Anna lives in Latvia as well as spent some time living in Russia (Moscow) and the U.S. (Chicago) where she also had a possibility to study and practice cybersecurity, data protection as well as to learn programming skills.

Additionally, she has an impressive teaching experience of the personal data protection including in such schools as Riga Graduate School of Law and BA School of Business and Finance. Anna is also an author of a number of publications related to the data protection and an often participates in the biggest local and worldwide technology-related events such as Web Summit.

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