Dr. Dagnija Blumberga

Professor Dagnija Blumberga leads Institute of Energy Systems and Environment in Riga Technical University. She has two steps doctoral degree diploma in Energy Engineering. The main research areas are two: (I) energy: energy policy, renewable energy resources, energy efficiency, and (II) bioeconomy. Last 20 years are connected with integration of environmental problems in engineering science by creation of Environmental Engineering bachelor, master and PhD study programmes in Riga Technical University.

She is author of 256 research papers and 15 scientific monographies. She has participated in different local and international projects  FP5, FP6, FP7 and HORIZON 2020 related to energy and environment.

Presentation topic

Confidently enter next generation science: the environmental engineering and bioeconomics nexus

Bioeconomy of biotechonomy is part of circular economy and new engineering research direction. Bioeconomy includes all aspects of environmental engineering: effective use of resources, reduction of water and air pollution, development of biotechnological solutions and conception of ecodesign of high added value products.

Justification of next generation science is implemented by analysis and presentation of applied research case study. The pilot study about biotechnological solution for biomass cascade application illustrates the environmental engineering and bioeconomy nexus.  The analisys includes three types of methodologies: multicriteria analysis (to range different bioproducts), life cycle analysis (to evaluate effect to climate changes) and system dynamics modelling (to implement economic justification of biomass use development directions and evaluate policy tools to support different branches of economy).

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