Prof., Dr. hist. Guntis Zemītis

Born in 1955 – historian, archaeologist, Dr. hist. (1995), director (since 2006) and leading researcher of the Institute for the History of Latvia of the University of Latvia, Professor at Turība Business University, full Member of the LAS. Worked at the Ģ. Eliass History and Art Museum in Jelgava, at the History of Latvia Museum. Started his archaeologists career with excavations at Turaida Castle under the leadership of Jānis Graudonis. Led archaeological excavations at the Daugmale archeological site complex (hill-fort, ancient town and burial-ground), at the grave site of Gaideļi–Viduči, at Satesele hill-fort (“Līvu kalns” in Sigulda), at Jelgava Castle and elsewhere. Principal research interests – problems associated with symbols during prehistory, the ancient Semigallians during 5th – 13th centuries, the Livonians during the 10th–13th centuries, questions in the history of law. Led several scientific research projects, subdivisions of State research programmes “National identity” and “Letonica” among others. One of the editors of collection of articles “Latvieši un Latvija”, chief editor of volumes 2 and 3.