Dr. Jānis A. Valdmanis

Photonics Technology in Today’s World

I have been in Photonics field all my life… I love photons of all kinds, especially fast ones.

1. Ph.D. from University of Rochester, Institute of Optics
Invented and patented the technique of Electro-Optic Sampling for high-speed measurements
2. AT&T Bell Laboratories (5 yrs)
Developed and patented new techniques for producing and measuring ultrafast optical and electrical signals.
Co-inventor of method for compressing optical pulses in laser cavities.
3. University of Michigan (5yrs) Assoc. Professor in EE/Optics
Co-founded Ultrafast Science Laboratory. Investigated use of short pulses for medical imaging.
4. Founding Staff of Picometrix, LLC (20yrs)
Private company spun-off from the University of Michigan
Developed and sold a complete line of high-speed detectors and receivers for Telecom applications. Patented new detector designs.
5. General Manager of Thorlabs-UFO Division (4 yrs)
Started new division of Thorlabs, Inc. to introduce high-speed opto-electronic products to the world-wide catalog. We now offer a full line of transmitters, detectors and receivers for the R&D customer.

Brief Summary of Talk

I will present a few topics that are outstanding examples of how Photonics has significantly influenced the advancement of technology in our world… in the fields of lighting, communication and medical imaging. These are areas that every person on the planet is exposed to and feels the impact of Photonics. These are also areas of research that are vital to support and continue to develop.

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