Dr. Kristaps Zariņš

Born April 10, 1962 in Riga, Prof. Kristaps Zarins is one of the most influential contemporary artists in Latvia.
The large dimensions of his recent paintings help to reveal ostensible details. With all the ethereality and lightness these minutiae serve one big idea – “bare life”, which stands at the crossroads – to be or not to be. The artist says that he “likes hard painting with a metaphysical slant”.

Zarins studied at the Fine Arts department of the Art Academy of Latvia (1980-1986) as well as Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beux-Arts, (prof. Gino Silvestri) and Université de Paris I-Pantheon Sorbonne, Art plastique, Paris, France (1989-1990) and he has received an honorary award of the Italian president Cavalierre nell ordine „ Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” (2004).

Notable exhibitions include: International exhibition “My Contemporary”, Prague, Czechoslovakia (1985), Exhibition “My Contemporary”, Manege, Moscow, USSR (1986), Exhibition of C.R.O.U.S. grant holders, Paris, France (1990), International Art Exhibition ARTE FIERRA, Bologna, Italy (1995), “The Zarins Family”, Gallery “Erry Marry Kulo”, Oslo, Norway, Kunstlerpaaren aus Balticum, Gallery “Kornhaus”, Rorshach, Switzerland (1996), International event GENTE-ART, Ghent, Belgium, “Kristaps+Kaspars”, Havartigaarden (exhibition organized by the Sollerod Museum), Copenhagen, Denmark (1997), Group exhibition, Gertsev’s Gallery, Atlanta, USA, Painting exhibition of the Latvian Art Academy instructors and students, Dortmund, Germany (1999), Painting exhibition of the Latvian Academy of Art instructors and students, KPMG Exhibition Hall, Berlin, Germany (2001), Oslo, Norway (2002), Brussels, Belgium, (2008), “Biggest Choir”, UNESCO, Paris, France (2008), “Biggest Choir”, Exhibition Hall of the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (2009), “Graduation” – 12 Star Gallery, Europe House, London, UK (2015).

Prof. Kristaps Zarins is a Rector at the Art Academy of Latvia and while long being a professor at the academy (1994), has consistently pursued his mission – to provide the voice for young artists.

  • kristaps.zarins@lma.lv
  • +37129995297
  • Dzintaru prospekts 41, Jūrmala, Latvija, LV-2015

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