Dr. Māra Grudule

1995 Dr. philol.

Since 2008 professor: Faculty of Humanities, University of Latvia
Since 2002 researcher: Institute of Literature, Folklore and Arts, University of Latvia

2013-2018 Geschichte der baltischen Schriftkultur. Diskurse und Genres”, Under and Tuglas Centre of Literature of the Academy of Sciences of Estonia, University of Tartu and University Library of Tartu, researcher
2016-2020 The Music Repertoire of the Society of Jesus in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1565–1773), University of Warszawa, researcher

M.Grudule. Latviešu dzejas sākotne 16. un 17. gadsimtā kultūrvēsturiskos kontekstos. [Monograph]. Rīga: LU LFMI, 2017.
Total number:
Monographs and edited collections of articles: 6
Scholarly articles: 75

Supervisor of six doctoral thesis
Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (since 2016), the Association of Baltic Studies (since 1998), the Emblem Study Society (since 2015), the Society of Hymnologists (since 2016).
Research interests: German Baltic culture and literature; Latvian literature from the 16th to 18th century

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