Dr. Māris Kūlis

Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia. His research fields and interests are philosophy (hermeneutics, philosophy of communication, social philosophy), political sciences, as well as intercultural relations and contemporary Islamism and terrorism. He has published a highly acclaimed book on the terroristic organization Islamic state (“In the crossfire of terrorism. Islamic state”, Riga: LU FSI, 2018, 515 pp.), scientific articles and multiple articles in the press on this subject. The author has received official recognition from the University of Latvia on excellence of his book.

He has given both academic and non-scientific lectures on terrorism and particularly Islamic state and has been an expert in a court-proceeding. Maris Kulis presented his doctoral thesis “Changes in the Understanding of Truth: Historically Communicative Model” on the concept of truth and the role of society and sensus communis in understanding the truth (2015). His scientific articles have been published in 5 languages, including German, Russian and Chinese. During the recent years he has worked on projects financed both by Latvia and European funds, notably, interactive digital project “Latvian philosopher: virtual model”, and scientific project in collaboration of 4 scientific institutes – “Latvia: Migration of Culture”, etc.

  • maris.kulis@lu.lv
  • +371 28385810
  • Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia, Kalpaka bulv. 4, Riga, LV-1050

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