Dr. Pēteris Krilovs

Professor at the Latvian Academy of Culture and Vice-Rector for Creative Work at the Department of Theatre and Audiovisual Art (since 1993); Feature film director, graduated from the Moscow Institute of Cinematography (1975), Deputy Director of the Latvian New Theatre Institute (since 1998).

Director of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus (since 1995).

Professional skills: Film director at Riga Film Studio (1975-1990).

“Obliging Collaborators” (2014) 90 min, Awarded Best Latvian Documentary; “Klucis, The Deconstruction of An Artist” (2008) 90 min, documentary; “Dina” (2005) 57 min, documentary; “File: “Kombinat”” (2002), documentary; “Riga-800” (2001), documentary; “Janis Tidemanis. A Legend”, feature film (1998); “Daugava”, documentary (1995, Best Latvian Documentary of 1995).

Theatre productions:
2017 “To Lie! (?)” by Denis Diderot “Paradox of the Actor”; 2014 “Molly says,Yes” by James Joyce Ulysses, chapter 18 Latvian National Theatre; 2013 “Tales of St.Petersburg” by Nik. Gogol (Latvian Academy of Culture); 2013 ‘The Master of Petersburg” by J.M.Coetzee (Latvian National Theatre); 2011 “Prayer to Fat Lady” (Latvian National Theatre); 2003 The Iron Grass by I. Abele, Latvian National Theatre.

  • peterisk@theatre.lv
  • +371 67809532
  • Latvian Academy of Culture, 46 Dzirnavu Street, Riga, LV-1010

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