Dr. Tālis Tisenkopfs

Tālis Tisenkopfs is a director of Baltic Studies Centre and director of PhD programme in sociology at University of Latvia. His research focuses on innovation processes in agriculture and food systems, food security, food supply chains, and post-socialist transformation of agriculture and rural areas.

Member of the COST Scientific Committee (2015–2019), vice-president of the European Society for Rural Sociology (2015-2017) and former independent expert on agricultural knowledge and innovation systems at the European Commission, Directorate E: Biotechnologies, Agriculture, Food (2010-2011). Former editor-in-chief of Latvia Human Development Reports, published by UNDP. The Latvian team leader of 23 EU Framework and Horizon 2020 projects including AgriLink, ROBUST, PLAID, SALSA, SUFISA, TRANSMANGO and other. Member of the Expert Committee in Humanities and Social Sciences of the Latvian Council of Science (2013–2018). Supervisor of PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and Marie Sklodowska-Curie early career researcher within PUREFOOD (2010-2014) and SUSPLACE (2015-2019) training programmes.

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